"It is not because we respect traditions that we do not know how to modernize at Bertin." said with humor Yvette Bertin , more than 50 vintages to her credit!

Indeed, in order to have an outside perspective and in order to constantly improve, a wine council comes twice a month to follow the work in the vines.

The objective is to limit as much as possible the inputs used. Grass is set up every other row in order to increase the lift and therefore to facilitate the passage of tractors, but above all in order to create an ecosystem favoring the development of insects , flora and fauna useful for vines.

For the vinifications and the aging of the wines, an oenology advisor also intervenes in order to make improve the quality of the wines each year , all respecting the vintage effect.

Doctor Alain Raynaud, with a keen eye, also provides his advice.

A doctor by training, he had several properties in the Libournais, including the famous Château Quinault L'Enclos, which became Saint Emilion Grand Cru Classé in 2012, thanks to the vintages vinified by our good Doctor, and now belonging to Château Cheval Blanc. He advises famous estates in Bordeaux (Vignobles Garcin, Vignobles Jean Guyon, Château de Pressac) and around the world: in California (Colgin) in Argentina (Bodega Poesia), soon in Champagne and brings us back the best winemaking techniques that it adapts to our terroirs.

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