Full of sugar, flavour and colour, the grapes are harvested in late September/early October and brought to the cellar where they will be seeded, crushed, then put into vats.
Maceration for a few days at low temperature due to a thermoregulation system allows us to extract the anthocyanins giving the colour and aromas of fruit.
Then comes the alcoholic fermentation which will transform the sugars into alcohol.
A new maceration, hot this time, will result in the extraction of tannins responsible for the structure of our wines.

After running off, a second fermentation will take place, transforming malic acid into lactic acid, which will soften our wine.
Aging in vats or barrels then lasts more than a year.
The wine will stabilize thanks to the traditional refining with egg whites then with light filtration. It will be bottled by us in our cellars and will begin its aging in our underground cellars to acquire its complexity.
However, all these operations have only one goal: to develop round, supple and balanced wines, and therefore, to give you real moments of pleasure.

Maison Dallau